About Us

Vajrapani Kadampa Buddhist Centre is a gift from the heart of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso to the people of Penang and Asia; a precious sanctuary of peace in the middle of our city.

Everybody is welcome to come and enjoy!

A Kadampa Buddhist Centre is a place where people can improve their understanding and experience of Buddha’s teachings through study, practice and the observance of moral discipline.

Dharma means ‘protection’. By practising Buddha’s teachings we protect ourself from suffering and problems. All the problems we experience during daily life originate in ignorance, and the method for eliminating ignorance is to practice Dharma.

Serving the local community

A Kadampa Dharma Centre is a non-profit organization that provides facilities for the local community to meditate, listen to Buddha’s teachings, engage in Buddhist study programmes, and discuss with like-minded people, all under the guidance of a qualified Meditation Teacher.

The Centres range from large residential centres with branches throughout the local region to small centres with just one or two branches.

These centres are open to everyone. Even if you are completely new to Buddhism and meditation you are welcome to attend a drop-in class, or call in to look around and meet the people.